2018 world conference on science literacy
Beijing robot meeting highlights cooperation
China to strengthen robotics industry and accelerate use of smart machines The nation will ramp up resources to strengthen international cooperation      [More]



Beijing robot meeting highlights cooperation


China to strengthen robotics industry and accelerate use of smart machines The nation will ramp up resources to strengthen international cooperation    


09:00-10:10         Opening Ceremony
10:10-10:30         Tea Break
10:30-12:30         Keynote Speeches
12:30-13:30         Lunch Box
13:30-16:00         Plenary Forum
16:00-16:30         Tea Break
16:30-18:00         Panel Discussion
18:00-20:00         Dinner
08:30-09:10         Panel Discussion
09:20-12:00         Parallel Sessions
12:00-13:00         Lunch Box
13:00-13:40         Panel Discussion
13:50-16:30         Parallel Sessions
16:50-21:30         Visiting Activities
09:00-10:30         Panel Discussion
10:30-11:00         Closing Ceremony


The World Conference on Science Literacy



      The World Conference on Science Literacy, sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), is planned to be held in Beijing, China on September 17-19th, 2018. The purpose of the conference, as it has been put into the theme of the conference –Science Literacy for a Shared and Better Future, is to integrate resources, experiences and strengths in promoting global public science literacy, as well as to encourage the global science and technology community to respond to future challenges and opportunities through advancing public science literacy, and jointly focus on the pivotal role of public science literacy in building a community of shared future of mankind and in promoting sustainable development of human society.
      The Conference will invite around 1500 participants including Chinese national leaders, representatives from the United Nations and related organizations, the world’s top scientists, and representatives from international organizations. The Conference will last for three days including an Opening Ceremony, Keynote Speeches, Plenary Sessions, Dialogues, Parallel Sessions, Round Table Meetings, Visiting Activities, and a Closing Ceremony.
      The conference is looking forward to building consensus and fostering international and global cooperation on establishing a shared platform for the promotion of public science literacy. It also aims at releasing a joint statement and working toward establishing an international organization for this purpose.


More than 1500
national scientists


More than 50
issues and exhibitions


5 special activities
during the meeting

 Parallel Sessions  

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