【CGTN】‘Science Night at the Museum’ held in Beijing

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A "Science Night at the Museum" event is being held in Beijing on the sidelines of the World Conference on Science Literacy held earlier this week.

The setting is China Science & Technology Museum where visitors from around the world can enjoy an immersive scientific experience in various sections.

Various events are being held during the Science Night at the Museum in China Science & Technology Museum this week. /CGTN photo

The "Science Night" opens with a 3D mapping visual show, which narrates the history of science of human beings. From early inventions to modern technologies, the show gives a stunning 15-minute tour in the grand hall of the museum.

Visitors are free to join five science theme explorations at night among other science goodies and participate in various experiments.

Theme exploration tours and cosplay parade are among the highlights of the Science Night at the Museum in China Science & Technology Museum. /CGTN photo

Secret room escape game and VR first-person shooting games are popular where players, either children or adults, can have fascination and inspiration in science.

Liao Hong, deputy curator of the museum said this event is held for the first time in the 30-year history of the museum and hopes to bring the public closer to science.

Clues for science games as well as science inspiration are hidden in all exhibits in the museum during the event. /CGTN Photo

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the museum and the 60th of that of China's Association of Science and Technology. Various events are being held in Beijing and other parts of the country to promote the public's science literacy.