2018 Science and You Inter...

I. Name of the Forum:
2018 Science and You International Symposium & Summit on Culture of  Science

Science & You aims at promoting and valorizing the culture of science. It is the offshoot and development of the “Hubert Curien Days” on the science of culture, named after the French physicist and minister of research and technology, were created by the University of Lorraine with the ambition to make them an unmissable international forum for researchers and professionals of the culture of science. 2018 Science and You International Symposium will take place in China, and it is meeting’s first held in a non-French district.
2018 Science&You conference is supported by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, organized by National Academy of Innovation Strategy (NAIS) (China) and Lorraine University (France), and co-organized by 15 domestic and foreign academic organizations. The chairman of the conference is jointly appointed by academician Li Hong, vice-chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, and Pierre Mutzenhardt, president of the University of Lorraine. And the scientific Committee is composed of 17 members from 12 countries, representing the world's leading edge in the field of scientific and cultural research.
The theme of this conference is KNOWING` SHARING` CARING: NEW INSIGHS FOR A DIVERSE WORLD. As its known, globalization rests upon diversity: diversity of science communication strategies and practices, diversity of contexts in which communication actions take place, diversity of publics at which is aimed science communication, diversity of reception, diversity of understanding, diversity of questions, issues, responsibilities, of science communicators as well as scientists, diversity of research in science of science communication, models, approaches, applications, impacts.etc. This conference wants to acknowledge this diversity of contexts, publics, research, strategies and new insights and it aims to be a place of sharing, exchanges, discussions and debates, an environment conducive to decentring, and an opportunity for enrichment. The conference will draft the Beijing declaration of "science and culture for 2035” and advocate the establishment of an international alliance for scientific and cultural research to lay a foundation for an international academic organization. The conference is also intended to cooperate with international publishing institutions and publish collection of papers, and the excellent papers will be selected in the English journal Cultures of Science.


Dates: 15-17, september, 2018
September 15
Ante Meridiem:Opening Ceremony and Keynote Report
Post Meridiem:Summit Forum and Thematic Forum
September 16
Ante Meridiem:Thematic Forum and Round-table Conference
Post Meridiem:Closing Ceremony
Evening: Cultural Activity
September 17
Doctoral Student Workshop

1.LI Hong (Chairman of the Conference):

Li Hong is an academician of the International Academy of Astronautical Sciences, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, member of the Committee on Population, Resources and Environment, and vice-chairman of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology. He has served as the Minister of Quality Technology Department of China Academy of launch vehicle technology. He has been engaged in the research of launch vehicle technology and management for a long time.

2.Pierre Mutzenhardt (Chairman of the Conference):

Pierre Mutzenhardt is the president of Lorraine University and expert in nuclear magnetic resonance. He has been the President of Lorraine University since 2012. He is also the chairman of the Research and Innovation Committee of the University Presidents Conference and a member of the Lorraine Economic, Social and Environmental Committee.

3.HAN Qide (Keynote Speakers):

HAN Qide,the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was the central committee chairman of the Jiu San Society and the vice chairman of the 12th CPPCC national committee. He is now the honorary president of China Association of Science and Technology, the president of Westen Returned Scholars Association · Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China, the honorary vice-president of Red Cross Society of China, the vice-president of China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification. He mainly engaged in molecular pharmacology and cardiovascular basic research.

4.Massimiano Bucchi (Keynote Speakers):

Massimiano Bucchi is Professor of Science and Technology in Society at the University of Trento, Italy and has been visiting professor in academic and research institutions in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. He is the editor of the international journal Public Understanding of Science (Sage). He has published papers in journals such as Nature and Science and several books (in Italy, Brazil, Finland, China, Korea, UK and USA, Spain and Latin America).

5.Noyuri Mima (Keynote Speakers)

Noyuri Mima is a professor at Future University Hakodate in Japan. Her research and development have focused on promoting learning, communication, and networking in science, technology, and art from a wide range of knowledge and experience in computer science, cognitive science, and education. Noyuri has also published several books for kids, high school students, and researchers.

6.Bernard Schiele (Chair of Scientific Committee &Program Committee):

Bernard Schiele, PhD, is a researcher and a professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada). He teaches and lectures frequently in North America, Europe and Asia, and has been working for several years on the socio-dissemination of S&T. He is a member of several national and international committees and is a regular consultant on scientific culture matters to government bodies and public organizations. He is also a founding member and current member of the Scientific Committee of the PCST network.

7.WANG Chunfa (Chair of Scientific Committee):

Wang Chunfa, PhD, was a visiting researcher at the University of Washington, and is serving as the director of the national museum of China. He is working on technology policy and innovation research for many years. He is specialized in technology innovation policy, national innovation system and comparison of domestic and foreign technology policy. He also published several books in technology scale and chaired for multiple national academic journals.

8.CHENG Donghong (Chair of Program Committee):

Cheng Donghong is the chairman of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums and was a visiting scholar at Pennsylvania State University. She has served as deputy director, deputy director and minister of the popularization department of the Youth Science and Technology Center.

9.Martin Bauer (Member of Scientific Committee):

Martin Bauer is Professor of Social Psychology and Research Methodology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science. A former Editor-in-Chief of Public Understanding of Science and a regular visitor to Brazil to China, he investigates the relationship between science culture and common sense as evidenced in the large-scale comparison of attitudes, mass media discourse and qualitative enquiries.

10.Gauhar RAZA (Member of Scientific Committee):

Gauhar Raza is a researcher and science communicator, who initiated Public Understanding of science research in India and have carried out empirical research for more than 30 years. He has carried out national and cross-country survey studies on Public Understanding of Science and indigenous knowledge systems. His academic interest includes scientific temper discourse, cultural studies and indigenous knowledge system.

11.Watanabe Masataka (Member of Scientific Committee):

Masataka Watanabe is Director of Office for Strategy of Public Relations and Professor in the University of Tsukuba. He is also a scientific council member of PCST, and an active president of Japanese Association for Science Communication.  He is a leading expert of science communication in Japan and a famous science writer and has researched history of science and evolutionary biology for over 30 years.

12.Per Hetland (Member of Scientific Committee):

Per Hetland is Professor at University of Oslo, Department of Education. His research activities cover public communication of science and technology, design, development, and use of information and communication technology, and science and technology policy studies. He holds a Dr. Philos. in science communication from University of Oslo and a PhD in innovation studies from Roskilde University.

13.Luisa Masarrani (Member of Scientific Committee):

Luisa Massarani is a Brazilian science communicator since 1987. She is the coordinator of the National Institute of Public Communication in Science and Technology. She is a researcher and science communicator at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation and coordinator of the master in science communication.

14.Michel Claessens (Member of Scientific Committee):

Michel Claessens is the head of Communication and External Relations at the ITER Organization in Saint Paul-lez-Durance (France). He is now in charge of ITER policy and communication in European Commission's Directorate-General for Energy. Michel is also teaching at the Free University of Brussels and has published a dozen of books and essays.

15.Denis Entemeyer (Member of Scientific Committee):

Denis Entemeyer is an associate professor in the field of Mechanics & Materials at University of Lorraine. His research focuses on the behavior of metallic materials, particular the link between microstructure and macroscopic behavior. He has been involved in PCST since his Ph. D studies. He has been responsible for the last five years of a program labeled and funded by the French government.  

16.LI Zhengfeng(Leading speaker of Science and Religion Sub-sorum):

Li Zhengfeng, Ph. D, Deputy Dean of School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, and the Professor of Institute of Science, Technology and Society. His main research areas include: sociological research of science and technology, scientific culture, science and technology development strategy and S&T policy, theory of innovation system and Chinese National Innovation System research.

17.Marta Entradas(Guest speaker of Public engagement in science sub-forum):

Marta Entradas is a Marie Curie Fellow in science communication and was previously a Fulbright Scholar at Cornel University. Marta's research interests lie in science communication, public understanding of science, public attitudes towards science and technology and science policy. Marta is the lead researcher for MORE-PE. Marta also conducts research on scientists’ practices and perceptions of public engagement.

18.Ahmet Suerdem(Guest speaker of Science and Culture Index sub-forum):

Ahmet Suerdem is a Full time Professor at Istanbul Bilgi University-Business Dept. and Senior Academic visitor at the LSE. Professor Ahmet K. His primary research interests include bridging qualitative and qualitative methods for text analysis. More specifically, he works on automatic online media monitoring, corpus construction and text mining. He is also interested in researching the link between attitude survey data and media cultivation effects as measured by text analysis.

19.GUO Yike(Guest speaker of Big Data sub-forum):

Guo Yike is a Professor of Computing Science in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. He is now the chief big data scientist of Shanghai Industry Research Institute, director of Health Big Data Center at Shenzhen Advanced Technology Institute, CAS, and dean of Computer Science College in Shanghai University.

20.SHEN Yushi(Guest speaker of Big Data sub-forum):

SHEN Yushi is doctor, MBA, the 13th batch experts of national "thousand-person plan". He has more than 15 years’ research and management experience in ICT.He is the international expert in the field of cloud computing, big data, internet satety, video codec and wireless communication. He was the strategic consultant and the principal of fucloud computing government affairs and business development in China of Microsoft Corporation.

21.LIAO Fangyu(Guest speaker of Big Data sub-forum):

Liao Fangyu is director of the Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

22.MA Huimin(Guest speaker of Big Data sub-forum):

Ma Huimin is the associate professor of Tsinghua University, and the general secretary of China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG).

Organizers: National Academy of Innovation Strategy (NAIS)
Université de Lorraine
Hoster: China Centre for International Science and Technology
Co-organizers: European Commission
University of Quebec at Montreal
the London School of Economics and Political Science
University of Trento
International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor(ITER)
University of Oslo
Sogang University
Sorbonne University
National Institute of Public Communication in Science and Technology, Brazil
The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)
L-Università ta' Malta
the Japanese Association of Science Communication (JASC)
National Museum of China        
School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University
School of Humanities, University of Chinese Academy of sciences