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I. Conference Name:
Environmental Literacy Promoting Ecological Civilization Construction

II. Conference introduction:
In the report of 19th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the concept of socialist ecological civilization should be firmly established and a new pattern of harmonious development of human and nature should be promoted. The ecological environment is closely related to the survival and development of human society. The construction of ecological civilization is a millennial plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation, and the construction of ecological civilization has become a major issue of the world.
The cultivation of citizens' consciousness of ecological civilization is the fundamental goal and key of the construction of ecological civilization, and also an important way and basic guarantee for promoting the construction of ecological civilization. Citizens' consciousness of ecological civilization is one of the most important indicators to measure the level of environmental protection in a country or region. The practice of environmental protection in all the countries of the world shows that the fundamental motive force of environmental protection lies in the citizen participation, and the foundation of citizen participation is the general improvement of the consciousness of citizen's ecological civilization. Therefore, it is very urgent to strengthen the cultivation of citizens' consciousness of ecological civilization and improve the environmental literacy of the citizen.
We invited experts at home and abroad to attend the conference, with the theme of improvement and development of citizen scientific literacy, to exchanging the latest research of environmental Literacy and exploring the new positioning and new needs of citizen quality development under the background of ecological civilization construction. In addition, we want to transmit to the international community with the idea of Chinese ecological civilization and the idea of The Belt an Road Initiative, and then build an cooperation and exchange platform for ecological and environmental protection internationally.

III. Conference agenda:
September 18 pm, 2018, 13:50-16:30
Provisional agenda:
13:50-14:10, Ministry of ecology and environment leaders made a speech
14:10-14:30,Report Title:Environmental Science and Technology Dissemination and Environmental Health Literacy Development in the United States,Speaker:Sverre Vedal
14:30-14:50,Report title:Sustainable development of citizens' scientific quality progress,Speaker:Xu Chun
14:50-15:10,Report title:Environmental education and sustainable development education,Speaker: Ye Xincheng
15:10-15:30,Report title:,Speaker: Tian Yang
15:30-15:50,Report title:The development of science and technology communication and the management of environmental public events,Speaker:Jia Feng
15:50-16:10,Report title:The impact of the development of clean energy on environmental health,Speaker: Tang Youzhi
16:10-16:30,Make a summary

IV. Conference agenda:
Sverre Vedal

Professor of the department of occupational and environmental health, School of public health, University of Washington, He graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver, in 1976, received a doctor's degree in medicine, and received a master of Science Degree in epidemiology at the Harvard University School of public health in 1983. He has great attainments in the health effects of air pollution on cardiovascular diseases and published many high-level articles at home and abroad, with a high international impact. The team led by Vedal was approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as one of the third clean air research centers in March 2011, and only five units in the United States were funded. The center mainly conducts research on the health effect of roadside traffic pollution and will carry out related cohort studies in six cities in the next five years, which will help to improve environmental air quality and protect public health.

Xu Chun

Professor of Peking University. She has visited the Philosophy Department of the former Soviet Union, the Philosophy Department of St. Petersburg University, the University of California, Santa Barbara, the National Institute of environmental research in

Ye Xincheng

Deputy director of the government of the environmental protection agency. Doctor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, USA. He was a professor and director of the Institute of environmental education of Taiwan Normal University, professor and director of the Institute of environmental education of Kaohsiung Normal University, Professor of Environmental Education Research Institute of Kaohsiung Normal University, member of National Environmental Education Review Committee, member of National Environmental Education Certification Committee, director of China Environmental Education Society and Consortium The director of the cultural and educational foundation of the legal person.

Jia Feng

The director of the center for publicity and education of the Ministry of ecology and environment, the associate director of the environmental development center, the chief of the world environment, and he also has a part-time professor at 6 colleges and universities. Since 2004, he teaches "the market-oriented environmental technology" and "environmental public policy research" lessons at colleges and universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University. He also hold a concurrent post of the Vice chairperson of Teaching Steering Committee of Environmental Science and Engineering in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education, the Committee of the Environmental Education Committee of the China Environmental Science Society, and the vice president of the Chinese Association of environmental experts (PACE), member of the Education Committee of the World Conservation Union (CEC/ IUCN), and the visiting fellow at the college of public policy, the University of Washington. He studied in the Law Department and Environmental Science Center of Peking University, and received a Bachelor of Law and Master of Law degree. He is a well-known expert in the fields of environmental public policy formulation, public participation, sustainable development and entrepreneurship, technology marketization and information disclosure.

Tang Youzhi

Chairman of China-Canada Science and Technology, Doctor of Chemistry, DALHOUSIE University, Canada. Dr. Tang has long been the leader of international environmental protection professional organizations, and has held many scientific research and senior administrative positions of companies. As a scholar, he has mastered the senior administration experience in the mainstream of North America and established a wide range of contacts in the field of industry, business and learning. More importantly, his profound understanding of the frontiers of technology and social and economic development and practical experience made him an important backhand for many international cooperation projects, and one of the most influential Chinese people in the Canadian government to make decisions in the field of professional fields.

V. Organizer:
Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences

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