Public Science Literacy and...

I. Forum name:
Public Science Literacy and High-Quality Development Forum

II. Forum introduction:
It is pointed that "China economy has already transformed from rapid growth stage to high-quality development stage" in the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which is the significant judgment for China economic development in a new era. Innovation is the first power for development and the strategic support for construction of modern economic system.
The essence of innovation driving is talent driving, high-quality science & technology human capital is required for supporting high-quality development, and the promotion of citizen's scientific quality is the prerequisite for improvement of science & technology human capital contribution rate and is the footstone for social innovation. Discussion about interaction between promotion of citizen's scientific quality and high-quality development is a matter currently concerned by China, in addition, countries in the world can jointly discuss the optimal practice. In this forum, domestic and foreign economists, sociologists, entrepreneurs, citizen's scientific quality experts and science communication fellows are invited for discussion about interaction between citizen's scientific quality and high-quality development, urban green development and Internet industry development. They also discuss the role of government, enterprise, research institute and citizen in promotion of scientific quality. The discussion is developed by mainly focusing on three core issues:
1. Mechanism analysis between citizen's scientific quality and high-quality development;
2. Interaction between citizen's scientific quality and economic and social development;
3. Multi-power discussion for promotion of citizen's scientific quality.

III. Forum agenda:
Time: 13:50-16:30, September 18, 2018
Opening speech of sub-forum ceremony
Report 1: Citizen Role in Promotion of Scientific Quality
Speaker: Zheng Nian, Researcher of China Research Institute for Science Popularization
Report 2: Entrepreneur Quality, Responsible Entrepreneurship and High-quality Development
Speaker: Lei Jiasu, Director of Chinese enterprises growth and economic security research center, Tsinghua University
Report 3: Human Capital and Economic Growth Based on Scientific Quality Perspective
Speaker: Wang Hongwei, Researcher of Institute for Quantitative Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Report 4: Analysis on Correlation between Public Scientific Quality and High-quality Development
Speaker: Ahmet Suerdem, Professor of University of Burki, Turkey
Report 5: Discussion about Enterprise’s Motivation in Participation of Promotion of Citizen's Scientific Quality
Speaker: Meng Liyan, General Manager of Shenhua (Xinjiang) Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.
Report 6: Public Comprehension and Green Urban Development
Speaker: Watanabe Masataka, Professor of University of Tsukuba
Report 7: Citizen's Scientific Quality and Internet Industry Development
Speaker: Liu Jinsong, Researcher of Tencent Research Institute
Report 8: Science Literacy and Skills of Urban Laborers in China
Speaker: Xie Jing, Assistant Researcher of China Institute of Personnel Science
16:25-16:30 Discussion and conclusion 

IV. Forum guests:
Zheng Nian

Director of Information Research Office, Researcher of China Research Institute for Science Popularization, and Editorial Board Member and Deputy Editor of Study on Science Popularization. His main research direction is evaluation theory and scientific literacy of science popularization, and he is a member of Chinese Popular Science Writers Association and Chinese Society of Technology Economics, Evaluation Expert for Haier Science and Technology Prize in China, Adjunct Professor for specialist lecture of Capital Normal University, Director of China Center for Inquiry, etc.

Lei Jiasu

PhD, doctoral supervisor of Tsinghua University, Professor of School of Economics and Management, and a top teacher for higher education in Beijing. At present, he is the Director of Chinese enterprises growth and economic security research center, Tsinghua University, Joint Conference Consultant of Beijing natural science and social science community, member of committee for entrepreneurship educational guide, Ministry of Education. From 2011 till now, he has held the post of Deputy President of China Entrepreneurship Association, International Council for Small Business (ICSB); from 2016 till now, he has held a concurrent post of member of Expert Consultation Committee for Technical and Economic Safety Assessment, National Development and Reform Commission. He has once been awarded as the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress from Ministry of Education (in 1999), Outstanding Achievement Award for philosophical and social science in Beijing (in 1992) and Outstanding Achievement Award for national colleges and universities from the State Education Commission (in 1993). He has also obtained the Second Prize for National Commercial Research from Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China due to his contribution to national economy safety research field (in 2006), the First Prize for Excellent Papers from China Society of National Defense Economy (in 2006), China Management Science Prize (academic, in 2016) and Third Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in Beijing (in 2017).

Wang Hongwei

Researcher of Institute for Quantitative Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She was selected in culture famous and "Four One-Batch" talents title project and "10,000 Talents Plan " philosophical and social science leading talent project in 2017. She has mainly undertaken and participated about 80 subjects, including about 50 subjects in science and technology innovation field and about 10 subjects in super-large project evaluation field. What's more, she has also taken in charge of projects for National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, State Intellectual Property Office, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (significant national conditions), China Association for Science and Technology, the World Bank etc.

Mohammed Ahmat

Professor of Department of Commerce, University of Burki, Turkey, visiting scholar of London School of Economics (LSE) and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). His research expertise is quantitative research and text excavation, and now is the principal of JPI-Urban Europe and TUBITAK, an EU 2020 Horizon Project and the principal of Science in the media barometer, a UK cultural commission project.

Meng Liyan

CPA, ACCA, CIA, Master of Accounting in Tsinghua, PhD candidate in Quantitative and Technical Economics of China Academy of Social Sciences, deputy-general manager and financial director of Shenhua Xinjiang Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. Since 1996, she has served as the chief financial officer, ERP project manager and head of the Soft-Project Research at former Shenhua Co., Ltd. (now CHN Energy) and its subcompany. Her project "The Stock Management of The Railway Enterprises with Multiple Dots and Long Lines" has made a suitable exploration for the enterprise railway material management, the "Application of business flow and information flow coordination mechanism in fixed assets " lays the foundation for the evaluation of the input-output efficiency of the assets of the heavy-asset enterprises and the paper obtained excellent master's thesis of Tsinghua University, and was nominated for the national excellent paper in 2012, her project “Improving the Quality and Benefits of Economic Growth” and “Collaborative Theory Research” have obtained the excellent soft topics of Shenhua Research. Besides, she proposed data analysis method of financial management in Application of Big Data in The Field of Financial Analysis.

Watanabe Masataka

Professor and Office Director of Public Relation Strategy of University of Tsukuba, member of PCST Science Council, Current President of Japanese Science Communication Association, is a top expert in Japanese science communication field and a famous science writer. He has been engaged in scientific history and evolutionary biology research for over 30 years and has fruitful works in science communication, scientific history and evolutionary biology. In addition, he has also translated many works and English books on science popularization, including all works of Stephen Jay Gould. In 1991 and 2004, he successively obtained Science and Technology Books Prize from Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun and Public Cognition Evolution Prize issued by Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan.

Liu Jinsong
Researcher of Tencent Research Institute. His research focuses on smart city and digital content industry. LIU has published Smart City 2.0: How Technology Reshapes the Future of the City, A Survey of Digital Content Industry Development Overview and other reports.

Xie Jing
PhD, assistant researcher in the Laboratory of Enterprise Personnel Management, Chinese Academy of Personnel Sciences, and member of the Professional Committee of Psychometrics, Chinese Psychological Association. She has presided over or participated in more than ten national and provincial-ministerial projects in the field of human resources and published more than 20 academic papers. Her current research areas focus on: Psychological Measurement and Evaluation; Talent Selection and Evaluation; Professional Titles and Qualifications; Career Guidance and Counseling; EAP; Standardization of Human Resources Services.

V. Organizer:
   Chinese Society of Technology Economics