Science Popularization and ...

I. Name of the Forum
Science Popularization and Corporate Social Responsibility Practices

II. Brief Introduction
Both scientific and technological innovation and science popularization are a pair of wings of innovation and development of China. It is not only an Epochal proposition but also a foundation engineering how to promote science popularization when doing scientific and technological innovation. Science popularization plays an important role to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge to citizens, as well as guide the public to support science and technology and participate innovation. As the direct beneficiaries of hi-tech innovation achievements, enterprises are the bridge to connect scientific and technological innovation and the public. In order to promote science dissemination and to explore science communication model, the collaboration between institutions or organizations and enterprises should be strengthened. Enterprises should be encouraged to fully fulfill corporate social responsibility and to participant disseminating science knowledge actively, so that they are able to be sensitive to the demands of the science and technology popularization of the public. In this way, the citizens scientific literacy will be raised while the effect of science popularization can be improved. Eventually, the coordinated and sustainable development of scientific and technological innovation as well as science popularization can be promoted.
Aiming at promoting the development of science popularization in China, the forum emphasizes international vision, build up an international exchange platform and explore mode of integration of science popularization and corporate social responsibility practices. Through the forum, the exchanges and collaboration between international science popularization institutions and enterprises will be promoted. Furthermore, the adjustment of the mode of development of science popularization will be promoted.
The core topic of the forum is the integration of science popularization and corporate social responsibility practices at home and abroad. Focusing on science popularization experiences sharing, innovation and reformation, corporate social responsibility practices, etc., the forum will share the experiences of collaborating with corporations by foreign science popularization institutions and of practicing corporate social responsibility by domestic and foreign enterprises, explore the development and innovation of integration of science popularization and corporate social responsibility, and set up a cooperative platform for the government, the public, international science popularization institutions and enterprises.

III. Schedule
Time: September 18, 2018, 09:20-12:00
Venue:Beijing China. China National Convention Center




Leader’s Speech

Keynote Speeches


Topic: How SCS Is An Important Change Agent in Science Promotion And STEM Education in Singapore

Speaker: Chief Exclusive of Science Center Singapore(SCS)  Lim Tit Meng


Topic: Science Communication – From Information And Fascination To Engagement And Co-Creation

Speaker: Managing Director of Wissenchaft im Dialog,  President of European Science Engagement Association  Markus Weisskopf


Topic: Explore the innovation mode of science popularization

Speaker: Sustainable Development Director of Thailand Air Asia  Topaz Subunruk


Topic: The Role of Technology Companies In Schools STEM Education

SpeakerArm Global Schools Program Manager of ARM Ltd. Nicholas Sample


Topic: Relationships Between Health Literacy And Fatness

Speaker: Assistant President of Tasly Yuan Xiaoxia

Panel Discussion


Topic: The Integration and Development of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Science Popularization

Party Secretary, Chief Editor of NetEase Media Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.  Gao Wen

IV. Speakers
1. Lim Tit Meng

Prof Lim is the Chief Executive of Science Centre Singapore and also Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS).  He has a PhD degree from Cambridge University (UK) and has held many leadership positions at NUS, including that of Vice Dean of Science, Deputy Head of Biological Sciences, Director of Bioscience Centre, and Director of Special Programme in Science.  He is the current President of the Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science (SAAS), first Vice President of the Singapore National Academy of Science, and Vice President of the Association of Singapore Attractions (ASA) Executive Committee. He is also in the Board of Directors of Temasek Innovates Foundation CLG ltd.   He serves in the Singapore Bioethics Advisory Committee and is also a member of Ministry of Health (MOH) Precision Medicine Steering Committee. He is the Chairman of the MOE Translational R&D and Innovation Fund Review Panel.  His other portfolios include President of the Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres (ASPAC) and Director on the Board of the Association of Science & Technology Centers (ASTC), and also a member in the Science Centre World Summit International Planning Committee. Under his leadership, Science Centre Singapore has won many accolades both locally and internationally.  

2. Markus Weisskopf

3. Topaz Subunruk

Topaz has over 10 years of experience planning and executing successful holistic communications campaigns, ranging from public relations and event management to sponsorship management and CSR.
Combining a noted journalism and marketing communication background with a passion for social work and environmentalism, Topaz’s focus is on “doing good” and “doing well”, taking a leadership role to synergise corporate communications, commercial alliances and profitability with Social Development.

4. Nicholas Sample

Nick Sample has worked in science and maths educational product development for the past 15 years, working with organisations including Pearson, Cambridge Assessment, Cambridge University Press and Macmillan Education. He has led market research and publishing across regions including Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. He joined Arm in order to establish and run their new Schools Program. Its aim is to build a sustainable program of initiatives for schools, which draw effectively upon the skills, knowledge and resources within Arm to help close the STEM skills gap.

5. Yuan Xiaoxia

6. Gao Wen

V. Organizer
China Science and Technology Press