Capacity Building of Scienc...

I. Name of the Forum:
Capacity Building for Science Related Museums under the Belt and Road Initiative

II. Introduction
With “Capacity Building for Science Related Museums under the Belt and Road Initiative” as the theme, invited speakers share their insights on the concepts, experiences, dilemmas, strategies and other aspects of capacity building for science related museums within the international context. Each of the invited speakers will be given 25 minutes for their speeches, following which, discussions and interactive communication among all participants will be conducted.
It is hoped that through such discussions and communication, long-term cooperative mechanisms and solutions will be worked out to facilitate future capacity building programs for science related museums based on the BRISMIS platform. At the same time, we expect that the session will serve as warm-up for the 2nd International Symposium on the Development of Natural Science Museums under the Belt and Road Initiative, or BRISMIS-2019.

III. Agenda
Time: 14:00-17:00, Sept. 18, 2018
Place: 311B, China National Convention Center

Time  Title / Speaker
14:00-14:30 The Importance of Capacity Building from the Practices of Science Related Museums in China
Dr. CHENG Donghong, President of CANSM
14:30-15:00 Capacity Building of Science Museums: Sharing Some Experiences from Brazil
Ms. Luisa Massarani, Former President (2015-2017)of Red-POP 
15:00-15:30 'Sticking to the Right Path and Making Innovations, Saving Power and Making Breakthroughs' — The Exploration and Practice of Hefei Science and Technology Museum in Enhancing Venue Capacity Building
Mr. BAI Jinsong, Vice-President of Hefei Association for Science and Technology, Director-General of Hefei Science and Technology Museum
15:30-16:00 ESCITE: The European Network
Ms. Helen Jones, Director of Strategy & International, Science Museum Group
16:00-16:30 International Museum Training: A Platform for Capacity Building and Professional Communication
Dr. GUO Meixia, Professor of The Palace Museum
16:30-17:00 Discussion and Summary

IV. Introduction of Speakers
Dr. CHENG Donghong
President of CANSM
Graduated from the Institute of International and Comparative Study of Education of the Beijing Normal University, Dr.Cheng Donghong is now the President of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums (CANSM), Vice President of Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA), and Executive Vice President of China Women’s Association for Science and Technology (CWAST).  
Dr. Cheng has been involved in the field of science communication for more than 30 years, dedicating herself to policy-making and evidence-based practices of informal science and technology education, natural science museums and capacity-building of science communication. Being on board of CAST, Dr. Cheng has taken the leadership of many national initiatives. She was the Executive Director of Implementing Office for the Outline of National Scheme for Science Literacy from 2006-2011, which is a long-term strategic program under the leadership of the State Council and jointly sponsored by 23 different ministries, academies, and national NGOs in China to promote science education, popularization, and communication. Now she has taken the helm of CANSM, a national learned-society which helps to set up platforms for academic exchanges and transboundary cooperation among natural science museums.
Meanwhile, Dr. Cheng has been actively involved in various international programs. She was a scientific committee member of PCST, an international network on public communication of science and technology. She has also been invited by UNESCO for regional and international science education conferences as resource person in non-formal science education.

Ms. Luisa Massarani
Former President (2015-2017) of Red-POP
Luisa Massarani is a Brazilian science communicator since 1987. She is the coordinator of the National Institute of Public Communication in Science and Technology. She is a researcher and science communicator at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation and coordinator of the master in science communication, at House of Oswaldo Cruz, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of SciDev.Net ( Director of RedPOP, the Network for Science Popularization in Latin America and the Caribbean 2015-2017.  2014 Mercosur Award on Research in Science Communication. Jose Reis Award 2016 – the Brazilian Award for Science Communication.

Mr. BAI Jinsong
Vice-President of Hefei Association for Science and Technology, Director-General of Hefei Science and Technology Museum
Bai Jingsong is currently the vice president of Hefei Science and Technology Association, the director of Hefei Science and Technology Museum, and the research librarian of Group-Article series. He is also a member of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums and an executive director of Anhui Provincial Museum Association.He has won the ‘China Science and Technology Museum Development Fund 6th Entrepreneurship Award’ awarded by The foundation for Development of Science and Technology Museums in China, and an advanced individual of China Natural Museum Association. He has participated in the policy discussion and document drafting of China Association of Science and Technology on the free open plan for national Science and Technology Museums. He has participated in the research and formulation of the ‘Guidance Specification for the Construction of the Content of Science and Technology Museum’ and the evaluation and demonstration of the construction plans of many science and technology museums throughout the country, as well as the review of papers for the annual academic conference of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums
In the past 16 years of his work at Hefei Science and Technology Museum, with the basic goal of comprehensively improving the quality of public science and culture and focusing on the overall situation of science popularization job, Comrade Bai Jingsong led all the cadres and staff to advance collaboratively and make great efforts to reform, and promote the development of our undertakings in the spirit of innovation and truth-seeking, creating a new situation of science popularization culture undertakings in Hefei Science and Technology Museum.

Ms. Helen Jones
Director of Strategy & International, Science Museum Group
I joined the Science Museum Group in 2008 and have held several roles. Now I take the Iead in developing overall corporate strategy and managing key stakeholder relationships, for example with UK Government Departments. As well as the flagship Science Museum in London, the Group includes four museums and a large collections facility in other parts of England.
I also hold specific responsibility for the Group’s international strategy and partnerships. We have partners in China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Korea, and work with many more people and institutions around the world through touring exhibitions, professional training and development activities, STEM education, research, and curatorial practice. I have represented the Science Museum Group on the Board of Ecsite, the European network for science centres and museums, since 2014.
I trained as an archaeological conservator and practiced in this field for ten years before moving to the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in 1993 to run a postgraduate conservation training and research programme. While at the V&A I shifted career to museum policy and corporate planning and it is this experience that I brought to the Science Museum ten years ago.

Dr. GUO Meixia
Professor of The Palace Museum
Dr. Guo Meixia, started her career in the Publicity and Education Department of the Palace Museum in 2003. Her professional work includes education program planning and management, exhibition promotion, volunteer management, organization of ICOM-ITC training workshops, etc. Her academic research focuses on museum education and the history of Chinese and Western communication during the Ming and the Qing dynasties.
She's accumulated rich experience in the planning, execution and management of museum education programs in the past 15 years, during which period a lot of books were compiled by her in combination with exhibitions, objects or the history of the Palace Museum. She has also published a few articles on museum programming, volunteer management, artifacts interpretation and cooperation between museums and schools. With a keen interest in the history of culture, especially the cultural communication between China and Western countries, she published a dozen articles on Western missionaries serving for the Qing court.
She's active in academic seminars, having attended some on museology, museum education and the Chinese and Western exchange in culture. After finishing the training "Executive Education for Museum Leaders" at Getty Leadership Institute in 2014, she formed a unique concept of team building and project management. She recently planned a series of books titled "Exploring the Museum", which means to interpret the culture of museum in an innovative way and which leads her team to the forefront of museum education.