Applying Information Technol...

I. Name of the Forum:
Applying Information Technology to Enhance the Popularization of Science and Innovation

II. Brief Introduction of the Forum:
President Xi emphasizes that innovation and development can’t be realized without technological innovation and scientific popularization, and scientific popularization is as important as technological innovation. Strengthening the scientific popularization has become a major task for China to promote innovation comprehensively, and it requires the joint efforts of the whole society. The Chinese character "科" means "scientific" and focuses on content; "普" means "popularity" and emphasizes on expression. Nowadays, marked by digitalization, networking and intelligence, the information technology revolution is changing rapidly. In the information age, the expression of scientific knowledge is also advancing with the times. The application of modern information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, the Internet and artificial intelligence has made ubiquitous, precise and interactive content innovation and services come into reality. In response to the new situation, the scientific popularization work should integrate into new technologies and new industrial changes actively, carrying out a profound ecological innovation of content production in the mode of communication mechanism, management system and operation, realizing the reengineering and reconstruction of work processes and service forms, keeping up with the times and realize the role and responsibility of scientific popularization.
Xinhuanet is a comprehensive service-oriented news information portal, the most influential online media in China and the Chinese language website of world influence. Over the years, Xinhuanet has undertaken various of major global reports, from online exchanges between national leaders and netizens to the issuance of major events, from important international events to analysis of international relations issues, from international media coverage to the undertake and cooperate with in-depth reports of major internationalization forum. Xinhuanet is becoming an important channel for netizens around the world to understand China.
During the forum, Xinhuanet will focus on the theme “Promoting Science Literacy: Innovation and Development”, focusing on the transformation and upgrading of scientific popularization information technology; exploring science popularization Innovative development of information technology from video to the mobile and socialized scientific popularization creation and dissemination; exploring how to use the Internet, TV media, scientific popularization games and other means effectively to innovate scientific popularization; exploring the effects and significance of online education in civic science quality education, especially in young people's science education; exploring artificial intelligence, digitization The application of cutting-edge technology in science popularization services; explaining the role of cloud computing and big data in realizing the accurate push of science content.

III. Agenda:
Time: 09:00-11:30, September 18th, 2018
Assistant President of XINHUANET CO., LTD, Manager of Education Business Center,Yujiang Yao
Keynote Speech: Science Is Beautiful
Speaker: Yan Liang
Keynote Speech: Science Is Crazy
Speaker: Theodore Gray
Keynote Speech: The Informationization of Scientific Popularization Makes Education From Vertual to Reality
Speaker: Hailing Wang
Keynote Speech: Games Light the Future
Speaker: Hong Chen
Round Table Forum: Informatization Means Promote Chinese Scientific Popularization to Become International

IV. Speakers in the Forum
Yan Liang:

Deputy researcher of Department of Science and Technology Communication of University of Science and Technology of China,
Celebrity in scientific popularization field,
One of the top ten popular science characters in 2015,
Founder of educational brand ,
Creator of ,
He recently focuses on primary school science education and films with the combination of science and art.

Theodore Gray [American]:

Author of world famous scientific popularization bestseller and ,
TV guest in Discovery Channel,
Columnist of American scientific popularization magazine .

Hong Chen:

Vice director of Entertainment committee of China Simulation Federation.