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Character introduction

She is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), as well as the former Vice Minister of Education and the former Vice President of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). She has made outstanding and groundbreaking contributions in bioelectronics and set up the National Laboratory of Molecular and Biomolecular Electronics. She was listed among the first batch of CAE Members in 1993. Wei Yu began to engage in the research and teaching of a new interdisciplinary field called “Neuroeducation and Neural Information Engineering”from 2002, and set up the Research Center for Learning Science at Southeast University and the Key Laboratory of Child Development and Learning Science under the Ministry of Education at Southeast University. She personally promoted and took part in the initiative of“Learning by Doing”, a pilot project of inquiry-based science education in China. She has written such books asA Guide to Inquiry-Based Science Education, Standards for Science Education Based on Learning by Doing, and What Are the Purposes of the Ten-Year Learning by Doing Program. She was a member of the international team of experts of who jointly written two books thePrinciples and Big Ideas of Science Education, Working with Big Ideas of Science Education, and has translated them into Chinese, etc., which have all exerted great influence both at home and abroad.

Due to her outstanding contributions to science and education, Wei Yu has received a variety of domestic and international rewards, and has been awarded the honorary doctoral degrees by nine overseas colleges/universities.

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