CHENG Donghong

Character introduction

Graduated from the Institute of International and Comparative Study of Education of the Beijing Normal University, she is now the President of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums (CANSM), the Vice President of Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA), and the Executive Vice President of China Women’s Association for Science and Technology (CWAST).

She has been involved in the field of science communication for more than 30 years, dedicating herself to policy-making and evidence-based practices of informal science and technology education, natural science museums and capacity-building of science communication. Being on board of CAST, Dr. Cheng has been taking the leadership of many national initiatives. She was the Executive Director of Implementing Office for the Outline of National Scheme for Science Literacy from 2006-2011, which is a long-term strategic program under the leadership of the State Council and jointly sponsored by 23 different ministries, academies, and national NGOs in China to promote science education, popularization, and communication. Now she has taken the helm of CANSM, a national learned-society which helps to set up platforms for academic exchanges and transboundary cooperation among natural science museums.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cheng has been actively involved in various international programs. She was a scientific committee member of PCST, an international network on public communication of science and technology. She has also been invited by UNESCO for regional and international science education conferences as resource person in non-formal science education.

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