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Character introduction

Presently, he is the Member of the Leading Party Members' Group of the China Association for Science and Technology, Curator of the China Science and Technology Museum, Chairman of the Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology Museums in China, Secretary General of the National Committee on the Standardization of Science Popularization Service, and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Museums Association.

He took part in the formulation and implementation of the Outline of the National Scheme for Scientific Literacy (2006-2010-2020) and the Plan for Implementation of the Action Plan for the National Scientific Literacy (2011-2015). He also participated in the building, operation and management of China Digital Science and Technology Museum (, a national S&T base platform, as well as the research and implementation of building a modern S&T museum system with Chinese characteristics. He led the MOST-funded project of "Research and Practice of Innovative Approaches to Training Based on the S&T Museum Platform" and the research of "Non-profit Science Popularization and For-profit Science Popularization". He also led the revision of Science and Technology Museum Construction Standards, as well as the research and development of S&T museum standardization system.

His research directions include: construction and management of S&T museums, mobile science popularization facilities and digital S&T museums, and the joint development and sharing of popular science resources.

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