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LI Xiangyi

Character introduction

Professior. LI Xiangyi graduated from Beihang University in 1961 and engaged in the research of aviation jet engines for 22 years, during which he was granted the first prize of collaboration for major technological improvement achievements by the State Council Office of Defense Industry. After that, he shifted his career to science popularization and has been working in field for more than 30 years. Presently he is an honorary chairman of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums and the counselor of science popularization of Beijing Municipal Government. He used to serve as the Curator of China Science and Technology Museum, Director of the Department of Science Popularization of China Association for Science and Technology, President of the Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums, Member of the Executive Board of ICOM, and Member of the National Committee of China Association for Science and Technology. He won the “Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science”granted by UNESCO at the Sixth Global Scientific Conferences held in Brazil in November 2013.

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