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WANG Kangyou

Character introduction

Mr. WANG Kangyou is presently the President and Research Fellow of China Research Institute for Science Popularization, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of China Science Writers Association, and Adjunct Professor of University of Science and Technology of China. He used to serve as the Director of the Development Research Center of China Association for Science and Technology (CAXT) and mainly engaged in the research of science popularization theories, science popularization policies and public science literacy promotion. He has chaired the research of a variety of major subjects, compiled more than 10 research reports and decision consultation reports, and published more than 10 academic papers and a dozen works such as Report onthe Development of the National Science Popularization Capacity in China, Science Popularization in the Age of Information, Report on the Development of Science Education in China and Research Report on Science and Technology Human Resources Development in China.

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